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Hiraeth (hɨraɪ̯θ), noun | A Welsh, untranslatable feeling, hiraeth is loosely described as a homesickness for a home you cannot return to anymore or a place, which never even existed. Connotations of sadness, yearning, profound nostalgia, and wistfulness are imbued into the state of hiraeth. Overall this beautiful, but painful longing is a an expression […]

Hike up Moylussa

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Allow approximately 3 hours for this hike, 1700ft altitude. Camera optional, wellies and walking stick highly recommended ! A pleasant, well-marked and relatively easy hike with spectacular views on Lough Derg. Park your car at the Rinnaman Point picnic site, which is a few kilometres out of Killaloe along the R463 northbound, directly on the […]