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Lessons Of A Nomadic Life #2 – Gremlins Are Real !

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Finally the Event Horizon is back on the road ! After having been stranded for a total of eleven days in a garage yard, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to leave this behind, and hit the road again, bound for beautiful nature ? And she purrs along like a kitten again !

So at last we have a more or less coherent picture of what has happened here – that last night when I parked her up after coming down the mountain was particularly cold, and I chose a spot that was far into the woods. Something ( a rodent, a ferret, etc ) must have taken up residence under my hood that night, having been attracted by the warmth of my engine; when my mechanic traced the wiring to the non-functioning glow plugs this morning, he found the cable that carries the current having been frayed and chewed-through by something. The spot where this happened is very close to a metal screw holding in place the diesel injector pump. Since glow plugs draw a very large current, the minute I hit the heater switch that following morning, the frayed wire would have sparked into the diesel pump, presumably causing damage to both the pump itself and the cut-off solenoid mounted on top of it; it also burned the wire completely. Hence, the engine wouldn’t run – there simply was no fuel coming through, and no heat in the combustion chamber. So now I have a new pump ( well, it’s salvaged from a scrapyard ) and new solenoids. We also decided to make a completely new glow plug circuit with new cables, as the old wiring was a nightmare – spliced, crooked and chafed, with probably a dozen likely points where it would have failed in the near future. The new circuit is as simple as it gets : battery – fuse – switch – glow plugs. The mechanic let me watch and assist in rewiring everything, so now I know exactly where all the cables and fuses are, and will be in a much better position to do troubleshooting myself if things go wrong with the heat plugs in the future. Because, you know, I hate to be dependent on other people, since self-sufficiency was one of the main tenets of this lifestyle.

So, the upshot is that the gremlin in my engine turned out to be of the terrestrial kind; this is something that I never considered when embarking on this adventure, so I will now have to look into how to keep rodents away from my wiring, particularly in cold weather ! All this trouble could have been avoided, had I thought of this danger beforehand – but it never occurred to me, so I had to learn the hard way.

What I am taking away from all this is several lessons well learned – the value of being able to let go of things you cannot control, being patient and staying positive in the face of adversity, and a vastly increased knowledge of Diesel engines, how they work, and what can go wrong with them. I am sure these lessons will prove to be of great value in the future, so despite all of the trouble, in a way I am kind of thankful for the experience.

And so I roam on, to new adventures ?

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2 thoughts on “Lessons Of A Nomadic Life #2 – Gremlins Are Real !

    1. You bet ? But as I said in the write-up, in some sense it was a good experience, because it taught me a lot about the inner workings of my old engine, and how to keep a positive outlook under less than ideal circumstances. We need to be grateful for both the good and the bad – they are both great teachers.

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