Hiking & Hillwalking

Hike up Moylussa

Allow approximately 3 hours for this hike, 1700ft altitude. Camera optional, wellies and walking stick highly recommended !

A pleasant, well-marked and relatively easy hike with spectacular views on Lough Derg. Park your car at the Rinnaman Point picnic site, which is a few kilometres out of Killaloe along the R463 northbound, directly on the shores of the lake. Cross the road, and you will find a sign "Ballycuggaran Forest Recreation Area". Follow the East Clare Way ( yellow arrows on wooden posts ) trail markings - this is a mix of well maintained trails and timber tracks, always ascending on a nice and gentle gradient through woodlands and exposed hill areas with spectacular views down on the lake. Definitely bring your camera ! After about 3 miles of going uphill, you will notice a trail branching off to your right, with a Coillte signposting for "Moylussa"; follow the arrow. The trail leaves the forest at this point and heads up Moylussa hill itself on a very steep gradient - thankfully the climb is a short one. The trail sort of disappears as you reach the top of the hill, and is replaced by wooden posts which serve as markers; the terrain becomes wet and boggy here. Follow those posts, which will bring you to the summit stone. The views from up here are breathtaking 🙂

For the more ambitious hillwalkers among us, it is theoretically possible to follow the ridge behind Moylussa onwards to Cragnamurragh, and then down into Broadford. However, there are no marked trails, and the ground is soft and very boggy, so this would be a fairly challenging hike; also bear in mind that the weather up here can deteriorate rapidly, and navigation in zero visibility conditions can be quite difficult. Only recommended for more experienced hillwalkers with the appropriate map/compass/GPS skills, and suitable equipment.

A word on the descent - be careful here. Moylussa is more of a hill than a mountain, but due to the very steep gradient of the track, getting back down can be a little tricky, especially when it is wet. A walking stick definitely comes in handy here.

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