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The universe is fundamentally a beautiful place. There is beauty in absolutely everything – clouds chasing one another on a stormy morning. Blades of grass rippling in the wind. Seagulls gliding in the air. Early autumn light in foliage. Bumblebees being busy on a flower. Beauty is the fabric that connects us to the universe we live in.

It is often all too easy to not see that beauty – in the madness of the rat race, our minds are preoccupied with memories and regrets of the past, anxieties about the future; with worries, anger, stress, fear and sadness. In such madness, moments of beauty are lost. The great tragedies of modern life are of a very mundane nature – that butterfly being ignored. The sunlight on the clouds not noticed. The warm wind on our face not felt.


The great tragedy is that we have forgotten the beauty of everything around us, and the joy it brings. Every moment when beauty is not seen, is a wasted moment; that waste builds up inside of us, and buries what is our natural state of being – happiness.


So this morning I woke up, and it was a particularly beautiful morning; I step out of my camper, and I stand right by the sea, and I watch the clouds and the ocean, and feel the wind. Today I am deeply grateful for this life I live now – I am free, I witness the beauty of this universe, and I have the time to pursue the spiritual path. I think very few people are this lucky – it is a great privilege, a great opportunity.

Aditthāna – strong determination.

I shall not forego this opportunity.


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